What are life-controlling issues?

A life-controlling issue is anything that master’s our lives.
Life-controlling issues fall into three categories:

  1. Behavior: Gambling, pornography, outbursts of anger, cutting, etc.
  2. Substance: prescription medications, drugs, alcohol, food.
  3. Relationships:  Co-dependent, unhealthy or enmeshed relationships.

Is New Creation Restoration Center a medical program?

NRCF believes in the faith model and concentrates on focusing attention on God and His will for those that enter the program.  While NRCF recognizes the need for expertise in some areas, NCRC does not subscribe to the medical  model of helping an individual involved in drug abuse.

Why is NCRC effective?

You might believe it is the length of the program (12-18 months) along with the religious environment that helps a person kick the habit.  We believe it is because of someone we call Jesus Christ.  When a person finds a relationship with God, they become a New Creation and everything changes.  New priorities, attitudes, reactions, plans and goals in life add up to change.  The new replaces the old lifestyle and the attitudes and behaviors underlying them.

Is NCRC open to people of all faiths?

The recovery program is based foundationally on a literal interpretation of the Protestant Bible.  Certainly people of other faiths may enter the program but, as they are informed of the nature of the program, they voluntarily choose to participate.  It is not required that a participant have a conversion experience to enter or complete, but conversion is regarded as the greatest hope for breaking a life-controlling issue.

How can I get help?

Contact the campus at (903) 405-5656 and ask for the Admissions Coordinator.  They will provide you with entrance and program information.  The applicant must schedule a phone interview and speak to the Intake Coordinator personally.  It is preferred that the applicant interview in person if you live within a one hundred (100) mile radius of the campus.

Does it cost to go to your program?

We ask for a $1,250.00 induction fee at the time of entry. While this fee does not pay for your entire stay at New Creation Restoration, it is necessary to help defray the initial costs during your first few weeks here, although no one is turned away for lack of funding.  While it costs an average of $1,500.00 per month to provide room and board and cover program costs we only ask for $300.00 per month and that can be raised through sponsorships.  The money for remaining costs are raised through individual donations, fundraising and work programs.
Costs and fees are explained more fully in the application.

If a person drops out of the program, can they get their money back?

It is the policy of NCRC that no entry fee will be refunded.  This is shared at the time of admissions and will be provided in writing.

Do you have lock-down facilities?

As a general rule, NCRC is for those who voluntarily want to enter the program to receive assistance with life-controlling issues.  At this time, NCRC does not have a true lock-down facility.

Can a person get court ordered into the program?

Yes, a person may be court ordered, however, because of our faith-based nature, the court is required to give the individual a choice, (i.e., either 12 months in a correctional facility or complete the NCRC program).  It is important that such a person understand that biblical principles are fully integrated into the program at NCRC.


Will I be allowed to visit my family member in the program?

NCRC has a visitation policy that will be covered at the time of the pre-intake interview.  Generally, only immediate family members or a minister is allowed contact with the participant.  Contact between the participant and other individuals will be severely restricted for the same reasons as other programs of similar nature.  If you would like to tour the NCRC campus, we would be happy to accommodate you.  Please call beforehand so that we will have someone available to provide a tour.


If I have been sending money for a campus, does it go to the campus or to New Creation Foundation?

Your financial contribution will go to the campus to be used for general operations as designated by the Board of Directors.  Any designated funds will be used for what they were specifically designated for (i.e., lawn equipment, curriculum, vehicles).

I have a vehicle I want to donate, how do I do that?

Call the campus and make an inquiry.

What donations are needed?

A list of needs is posted on the website and any in-kind donation is appreciated.