Core Values, Mission & Vision

Hope Restored


1. Authority of God – God inspired the words of the Bible. It is His will for us.
2. Authentic Relationship – Truth, Love, Accountability, Forgiveness and Acceptance are the foundation for restoration of relationship with God, family and others.
3. Meaningful Ministry – refusing to be religious or denominational at the expense of relationship with God.
4. Every Person – Everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable. People matter to God and must matter to us. We must love people when they least expect it and least deserve it, just as God has done for us.
5. Life Change – Enhance the spiritual well-being and potential of every person. God changes lives and it’s never too late to pursue who God intended for us to be and reaffirm our God given uniqueness.
6. Empower – Teach and train those that have been trapped by dominating fear to pursue what can be and should be, rather than what has been.

7. Cultural Relevance – Irrelevance is irreverence. New Creation Foundation will be a place of Hope Restored. We will be culturally relevant and Biblically pure.
8. Expect Excellence – We value excellence, creativity, humility, honesty and risk, rejecting mediocrity at every level.
9. Sacrificial Service – We cannot out give God. We will live to give our lives away. We must serve God and people through our spiritual gifts, our natural abilities, our time and our resources.
10. Strategic Prayer – Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on us.


Spiritual restoration and transformation of families destroyed by chronic life-controlling issues, empowering them to become productive members of society.


To develop new and innovative ways to restore the whole person helping them become a vibrant thinking, feeling and fully- functioning human being with talents, gifts, and inner qualities that are developed and used for God’s divine purposes.


1204 W. Noble St. – Troup, TX 75789 PHONE: (903) 405-5656 FAX: 903-842-4174


405 S. Joy – Troup, Tx 75789 PHONE: (903) 405-5655 FAX: 903-842-0062